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2021 Hear Now Festival Table of Contents

This list contains links to all of the event pages for the 2021 Hear Now Festival. Many of these pages contain audio or video content associated with the event.

Follow these links to relive the spirit and at least some of the substance of the 2021 festival so that you can vote for your favorites from the festival.

2021 Independent Audiobook Awards

An Introduction to Norman Corwin

Atlanta Radio Theatre Company: Lady Sherlock and the Case of the Woman in Red

Fears for Your Ears – Producing Horror Audio Fiction

Innovations in Storytelling – Fred Greenhalgh

Tex X and the Cattle Prodders

6-24: Mark Twain Narrators

6-25: Mark Twain Narrators

NATF Playhouse: Atlanta Radio Theatre Company – Mercury 101 Max O’Brien Saves the World

NATF Playhouse: Atlanta Radio Theatre Company – Mercury 232: Hope is a Hard Thing to Let Go Of

NATF Playhouse: Atlanta Radio Theatre Company – Mercury 505 Games People Play

NATF Playhouse: Atlanta Radio Theatre Company – Mercury 870: Hostis Humani Generis

NATF Playhouse: Atlanta Radio Theatre Company – Mercury 901: A Full Rich Day

NATF Playhouse: Atlanta Radio Theatre Company – Mercury 1271: What a Pain

Understanding and Using Foley Effects

MCCT_Oc-POE-ber Fest

Children’s Theatre of Cincinnatti Showcase

Children’s Theatre of Cincinnatti – Velveteen Rabbit

Norman Corwin’s “Between Americans” 2021 and Talkback

Off Mic: Developing and Producing for Geek Culture Podcasts

Soundbooth Theater: Pandemics Through the Ages

Audio Tonight! Breakfast Anytime – LIVE

Audio Tonight! Late Night at Sam’s – A Hard-Boiled Detective Monologue – LIVE

Audio Tonight! ShakeSport the III: First Player – LIVE

Audio Tonight! Tony Brewer & Urban Deer – LIVE

Earplay and Friends – Making Audio Theater Interactive With Voice

Future of Diversity and Inclusion at NATF

Navigating Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Contracts

Production Budgets for Audio Fiction

Big Finish at the Audies

Innovations in Storytelling (Closing): Eric Martin

Interactive Audio is…Different

Inidana University Theatre – Waycross

NATF Playhouse: The Ernie Pyle Experiment – Episode 2 Facebook Chat-a-long

Platinum Producers Panel

Short Form Audio Production Workshop Showcase

Podcast Palooza – Platinum

Podcast Palooza – Gold

Podcast Palooza – Silver

Podcast Palooza – Bronze

2021 Hear Now Festival Closing Ceremony and Corwin Award Presentation

NATF Thanks Our Sponsors and Supporters

The Hear Now Festival is funded in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts and Missouri Arts Council.