Friday, June 25, 2021 9:00 AM CDT

NATF Playhouse: Children's Theatre of Cincinnati Showcase

Artists: Deondra Kamau Means


In spring 2020, The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati, America’s oldest professional theatre for young audiences, invited local teachers and their classes to participate in an Audio Footlights Podcast Contest.

Students were asked to write a five-minute (750-word) fictional play to be read aloud – and it could be about ANYTHING! TCT would then produce the winning works (complete with voice actors and sound effects), and air them on Audio Footlights. Plus, the winners would receive a gift card for their classroom.

We received a great number of submissions and we are proud to present our three winners!

The first winning entry is entitled THE ADVENTURES OF TAULBEE THE BEAR by Lydia Messer, 6th Grade, Learning Tree Co-op.

The second winning entry is entitled DUCKS TRAVEL and was written by Romy Richards & Lauryn Shafer, 6th Grade, Hyde Park School.

The third winning entry is entitled THE ZYTONE VIRUS and was written by Caleb Irwin, 7th Grade, Homeschool Student & PEP School.

Flex your imagination and join us!

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