Sunday, June 27, 2021 9:00 AM CDT

Big Finish at the Audies

Artists: Helen Goldwyn, Ken Bentley, Benji Clifford, Jamie Robertson


Big Finish Productions is a UK-based production company, publisher and distributor. They produce CDs, downloads, and books.

They are perhaps best known for their full-cast audio theatre productions of “Doctor Who” and its various spin-offs, but they also produce a wide range of other series, including “Torchwood”, “Blake’s 7”, “Dark Shadows”, “Terrahawks”, “The Avengers”, “The Prisoner”, “Survivors”, “The Omega Factor”, “Space 1999”, “Adam Adamant Lives!”, “Timeslip”, “Callan”, “Sherlock Holmes” and more.

Big Finish’s “Doctor Who Stranded 1” won the 2021 Audie for Audio Drama and their production of “ATA GIRL 2” was also an Audie Finalist in the Audio Drama Category.

Join us as we meet several of the key people behind these two productions. 

Helen Goldwyn has been the producer on both “ATA GIRL 1” and “ATA GIRL 2” and she co-wrote the second series.

Ken Bentley directed “Doctor Who Stranded 1”, Benji Clifford sound designed it, and Jamie Robertson composed the original score for the award-winning production. 

Goldwyn, Bentley, Clifford, and Robertson will talk to us about their work on these productions and at Big Finish, and end the panel with a Q&A session.