Thursday, June 24, 2021 3:00 PM CDT

An Introduction to Norman Corwin

Presenter: Richard Fish


Norman Lewis Corwin (1910-2011) is revered as the Grand Master of American audio theatre, because his brilliant productions have stood the test of time. He expanded the scope of the audio medium more widely and ingeniously than any other writer, director, or producer since the phonograph first recorded sound or the radio first broadcast it into millions of homes. Many of his works are still heard and performed today, and one masterpiece has been called “the greatest single radio broadcast of the 20th Century,” but he himself is no longer a household name, as he once was.

Corwin was a friend and supporter of NATF and of many of our people, so we are very glad to have a chance to introduce modern audiences to one of the most brilliant minds and powerful writers, as well as one of the nicest human beings, ever to grace the American landscape.

Richard Fish worked closely with Corwin on several projects in Corwin’s later years, and will paint a vivid portrait of this remarkable figure. You will be fascinated to meet him, in our memories and in his own words.