Thursday, June 24, 2021 7:00 PM CDT

Innovations in Storytelling: Fred Greenhalgh

Artist: Fred Greenhalgh


Innovating Audio Drama in the New Golden Age

Over the last 15 years, audio drama has been revitalized globally, reestablishing itself as a culture-changing artform worthy of its own space and respect in a content-hungry world. As we have traveled through the pandemic reality, the world has woken to the possibilities of “movies in your mind” and the power and simplicity of audio-only storytelling. Fred Greenhalgh, a pioneer in the modern US audio drama scene, will speak broadly to creators about the current landscape of audio drama, before getting tactical to address the ways independent creators can be part of a new golden age of audio drama in a world where production and audiences know no borders, and anyone with a set of earbuds is a potential fan.