Saturday, June 26, 2021 9:30 PM CDT

Audio Tonight! Tony Brewer & Urban Deer - LIVE

Director: Tony Brewer


“Indiana is a beautiful place to cry into”
performed by Urban Deer

Renowned poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti, who died in February 2021 at age 101, gave one reading in Indiana, in 2000. He wrote a poem in his hotel room he delivered at the reading: “Don’t Cry for Me Indiana,” a statement on consumerism and monoculture. Poet Tony Brewer was in the audience 21 years ago and that night wrote a reimagining of Ferlinghetti’s visit to the Hoosier state: “Indiana Cries for You Every God Damn Night, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and Don’t You Forget It.” Urban Deer will perform live accompaniment for the braiding of these poems. The title is inspired by one of Ferlinghetti’s best-known works: “The world is a beautiful place.”

About Urban Deer

Urban Deer is a live audio collective based in Bloomington, Indiana. For this performance: Marty Belcher (sax, line 6), Tony Brewer (foley, vox), Joan Hawkins (vox), Norbert Herber (samples, keys), Chris Rall (turntables, sax, &c.), Joe MF Stone (drums). Urban Deer combines ambient field recordings and spoken word samples with an improvisational musical sound bed, exploring the edges of music, culture, and location. Their album Paris Suite (2017) by Marty Belcher was composed around decontextualized audio recorded at various locations in Paris. More at <a href=””></a>

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Marty Belcher

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Tony Brewer

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Joan Hawkins

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Norbert Herber

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Chris Rall

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Joe MF Stone

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Marty Belcher

Born in Gary, Indiana in 1953, Marty came of musical age in Indianapolis, listening to the “New Thing” of Coltrane & company. Picking up the soprano in high school, he spent the next 25 years trying to make sense of it within the context of the European improv scene, contemporary classical, and modern jazz. For the past 20 years he’s been playing with experimental musicians in a variety of areas—electro-acoustic improv with the Unstable Ensemble, Thrash rock with the Chicago band ROPE, electronica with Colloid, noise with (D)(B)(H), percussion with Guth, and all of the above with A-RADAR-A. Marty has expanded to sopranino, soprano, alto, and tenor saxophones and he has recordings on the labels Family Vineyard, Gilgongo, Passive Aggressive Records, Friends and Relatives, and Public Eyesore.

Tony Brewer

Tony Brewer is a poet and sound effects artist. He co-founded the first poetry slam in Indiana in 2001 and has performed nationwide and in Canada. He has been nominated twice for a Pushcart Prize and has also won numerous awards for his foley work. He was a finalist for Indiana poet laureate in 2020. His books include Hot Type Cold Read, Homunculus, and his latest: The History of Projectiles. Playing improv with Urban Deer has been an opportunity to make music with objects and has given his foley performances a deeper sense of collaboration.

Joan Hawkins

Joan Hawkins is a professor in cinema studies at Indiana University. Her creative writing has appeared in Fevers of the Mind, Sand, and The Performing Arts Journal. Her most recent book publication is William S. Burroughs Cutting Up the Century, co-authored with Alex Wermer-Colan.

Norbert Herber

Norbert Herber is a musician and sound artist. His work explores the relationship between people and sound within mediated environments—spaces created by software, sensors, speakers, and other mediating technologies. Drawing on a background in jazz, generative music, and game audio, he composes musical systems that leverage the processing capabilities of contemporary technology and make music specific to a place and time. His works have been performed and exhibited in Europe, Asia, South America, Australia, and the United States. As a performer he has played improvised music since his high school years in the Twin Cities; first on saxophone, and later on woodwinds, guitar, and electronics.,

Chris Rall

Chris Rall is a multi-instrumentalist originally from Indianapolis. He has played rock, rap, blues, jazz, classical, and avant-garde. Although tenor sax remains his primary instrument, his kit includes turntables, keyboards, no-input mixers, samplers, guitar, and theremin. Outside of music, Chris is a filmmaker and software developer.

Joe-MF Stone

Joe MF Stone is a musician, artist, and philosopher who stumbled into improvisational music quite by accident. Most of his musical experience stems from engineering and sloppy garage rock. He weaves percussion, sampling, and homemade electronics into one accessible interface. Past ensembles include B/B double quartet, Outer Planets, and Tremendous Fucking. When not playing music, Joe walks long distances with the Bloomington Ambulators and produces multimedia propaganda for the least offensive bid.