Our Mission

The National Audio Theatre Festivals, Inc. began in 1979 as the Midwest Radio Theatre Workshop, and is a fully-qualified 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation based in Missouri. The mission of NATF is to serve the advancement of audio theatre and evolving media arts through education and presentation.

Over the years, instructors and special guests included David Ossman, Phil Proctor, and Peter Bergman of the Firesign Theatre; Tom Lopez of the ZBS Foundation; Otherworld Media’s Judith Walcutt; Roger Gregg of Ireland’s Crazy Dog Audio Theatre; Yuri Rasovsky; Charles Potter; Sue Zizza; Simon “Arthur Dent” Jones; Richard Fish; and successful audiobook narrators Barbara Rosenblat, William Dufris, Mirron Willis, and Kathy Garver.

In 2013, NATF began producing the Hear Now Audio Fiction and Arts Festival. The festival showcases live audio theatre performances, a juried compeititon for recorded works, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. The educational experiences once offered by MRTW live on in the Hear Learn workshop program, which stages workshops at the festival and at other times throughout the year.

Many hundreds of participants have gone away from MRTW and Hear Now exhausted and inspired, with a strong sense of both the accessibility of the art form and its enormous possibilities. Scores of new audio theatre groups and efforts have emerged all over the country as a result of NATF’s activities. Today, NATF explores the opportunities opened up by the internet and the increasing interest in voice acting for various arts, as it grows, and expands its scope.

NATF is an anchor and a hub for the audio fiction community, and, as a non-profit organization, needs your help and support to grow.


Board of Directors

Tony Brewer, President – Bloomington, IN
Russell McGee, Vice President, Bloomington, IN
Ellen Stewart, Treasurer – Sonora CA
Angela Elam, Secretary – Kansas City, KS
Steve Donofrio, Harrisburg, MO
Alice Anne English, Rockville, MD
Emily Labes, New York, NY
Thomas Tiggleman, Bloomington, IN
Bonnie Bogovich, Austin, TX
Meredith Ludwig, Boonville, MO
Renee Pringle, Washington, D.C.
Charles Potter, Paris, France

Programming Committee

Russell McGee (Chair)
Alice Anne English
Bonnie Bogovich
Renee Pringle
Ellen Stewart
Emily Labes
Steve Donofrio

NATF Advisory Board

Charlie Potter (Chair)
Butch D’Ambrosio
Mac Chamblin
Helen Engelhardt
The Firesign Theatre
Roger Gregg- Crazy Dog Audio Theatre
Jeffrey Hedquist
Simon Jones
Tom Lopez- ZBS
Brian Price- Great Northern Audio Theatre
Don Priest – Community Radio – Fesno, CA
Ben Taylor – Recording Engineer – Tempe, AZ
Randy Thom- Skywalker Sound
Vanessa Whitburn- BBC
Robin Whitten- Audiofile Magazine

HEAR Now Advisory Board

Rozanne Devine – Kansas City Performer / Community Radio
Dwight Frizzell – Kansas City Producer / Musician / Educator
Jeff Hays – Kansas City Performer
Jackie Casteel – Missouri Arts Administration
Tim Keltner – Kansas City Arts Administration
David Shinn – HEAR Now Technical Director
Jen Wilding – Kansas City Arts Administration
Sue Zizza – SueMedia