Cirque du Lys Winter Showcase from the novel Obedience

Fly through the silks at Cirque du Lys, in this fantastical student-teacher romantic suspense full-cast narrated audiobook. Starring two debut narrators—voice actors Daniel Zbel and Rapunzaroo. Daniel resides in Costa Rica with his family and has been making pleasant sounds for most of his life. Rapunzaroo also dabbles in professional cosplaying in addition to voice […]

813 – Arsène Lupin Series, Book #4

813 - Arsène Lupin Series, Book #4

Paris is aghast at the news that one of Lupin’s victims was discovered murdered. As the bodies continue to pile up, Lupin demonstrates his indefatigable tenacity – on a mission to clear his name and discover the shattering secret of 813.

We’re Alive: Descendants

We're Alive: Descendants

We’re Alive: Descendants is the continuation of over a dozen years of independent audio storytelling. Created by Kc Wayland, this tale of high-octane action, drama, and horror follows the next generation of survivors 18 years after a violent infection devastated the planet. As society slowly recovers, those Infected humans have evolved into strange and deadly […]

Under Dead Water

Under Dead Water

In 1862, the Olivia Barrington, a sturdy whaling vessel with an able crew, sails directly over the spot where a meteorite had fallen into the Atlantic Ocean centuries earlier. The crew slowly becomes aware of a terrifying alien presence, transported by the meteorite across galaxies and who occasionally emerge from their blue, gelatinous dimension to […]

Uncharted: The Hidden Kingdom

Uncharted: The Hidden Kingdom

When Sully asks Nate for help with a “little problem,” the implications are far greater than anything either of them could have imagined. Trailed by a delusional psychopath, could ancient clues from Arthurian lore lead to an incredible treasure or their ultimate doom? Join Chloe, Sully, Nate and Elena as they face a heart-stopping adventure […]

Submitted for Your Approval

Submitted for Your Approval

This audio compilation is taken from the sketch comedy podcast My Friend Lyssa. Created by Lyssa Graham and Dale Leopold (the team behind the award-winning political satire podcast BS de Résistance), MFL features the vocal talents of the Suffolk & Goode Players. Each episode features a variety of comedy sketches, commercial parodies and songs in […]

South – A Nautical Musical

South - A Nautical Musical

A young sailor searches for his parents and finds religion, friends and fantastic coffee along the way. Set in the era of wooden sailing ships in the Caribbean, South is an original full-length musical podcast featuring beautiful songs and all of the dialogue performed by a diverse and highly talented cast. The musical arrangements are […]

Open Question

Open Question

Set in 1952 Hollywood, this play is about the reviving of an actress’ career after the fatal shooting of her co-star during filming caused her fans to desert her for seven years. She agrees to appear in a new film, playing a character clearly based on her own life, in order to rebrand her as […]

Muffy Drake adieu…

Muffy Drake Adieu

Muffy Drake is a Franco-American production team of storytellers based out of Paris. Absurd tale after tale about the human condition is told through a kaleidoscope of characters and storylines. MD prescribes short stories as a balm for a world in need of a laugh…

All Hail Der Erlkönig

All Hail Der Erlkonig

It is yet to say which is more unyielding: love, grief, or faith. Owing to one or the other, Johan, a grieving father, plunges into the woods to seek answers for the unnatural death of his son and discover its supernatural culprit if he’s even real. Inspired by the ballad “Der Erlkönig” by Franz Schubert […]