Saturday and Sunday, June 5-6, 2021

Hear Learn Workshop:
Scriptwriting for Audio Theatre

Instructors: Emily Labes, Russell McGee


The heart of any audio theatre production is a well-crafted story, told through language that paints visual pictures in the listener’s imagination.

Audio theatre can be liberating for a writer because, unlike television and film, the writer is limited only by imagination. A production may be set on an intergalactic spaceship traveling through the Crab Nebula, or in the more intimate environment of a kitchen where a mother and son carry on a conversation while washing dishes. It all comes down to specificity and drawing on your own experiences to personalize the adventure for the audience.

Like any form of writing, however, there are limitations in audio theatre. Knowing those helps ensure your script can actually be produced.

In this workshop, you will learn how to create a short script. We will explore the processes of crafting a logline, developing character profiles, and generating a beat sheet, and then workshop your script with actors.

You will work one on one with professional writers to develop your ideas into reality.

Saturday, June 5

10 AM – 1 PM

2 PM – 5 PM

Sunday, June 6

10 AM – 1 PM

2 PM – 5 PM

This workshop has ended. Thanks for attending!