NATF  Hear Learn Directing Workshop

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National Audio Theatre Festivals, Inc. is pleased to invite you to our inaugural Hear Learn Directing Workshop!

Regular Admission: $195

Student: $100

Kansas City Resident: $125

Join two Audie Award winning directors, Ken Bentley and Brian Price, for an introduction to the process of directing audio drama.

The overall demand and challenge of any audio production, and any audio drama director, is to create the illusion that the story was always there and was always meant to be. The way the audience hears the story is the only way it could have possibly been. How do you get there? 

You’ll learn how to manage a production from pre-production to release, including: scene breakdowns and scheduling, the importance of casting, working live versus recording in a multi-track studio, and working with a sound designer and composer in post-production.

You’ll engage with the instructors for critique and feedback to hone your directing skills, and there’ll be an ongoing discussion and Q&A about building and maintaining relationships with actors, writers, and producers — all the skills you need to keep engaged in the profession.