Podcast Palooza 2021

Bronze Selections

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Alzheimer's Detective

Kathy Brady

Art Git was a classic gumshoe complete with his own agency and more than a secretary/less than a partner, Kat. Then Alzheimer’s took away everything Art cared about. That is, until he met Dr. Fran who helped Art give the disease a run for its money. But Dr. Fran has disappeared. Can Art, with some help from Kat, solve a case and save his doctor despite his diagnosis?

Mystery Thriller

Fading Kingdoms Part 2: The Unknown

Daniel Meyers

Fading Kingdoms is a fantasy/adventure audio series. Part Two: The Unknown It’s been a few days since fate had Coral, Durand, Bello and company cross paths within Enchanter. The group must venture into the “Unknown” with the hopes of discovering the cause of the recession. Meanwhile, with resources dwindling and nature behaving erratically, some kingdoms are at the brink of descending into chaos. High Intellect Gauron of the Silver City has Durand’s best friend Gurwa detained, while plotting his sinister plan in secret. The Prairie Pride and Nautic kingdoms are lacking leadership and hope. The days of peace amongst the four kingdoms is nearing it’s end…


When Angels Paint

Mara Purl

Can an artist’s imagination alter reality? Can something in the heart manifest in the real world? Artist Miranda Jones might have agreed that dreams sometimes come true. But she’d never presume to believe something could leap from her canvas into the life of someone she hardly knows. Until now, that is. Over-scheduled during the busy holiday season, she none the less can’t help bu follow the imperative to paint an unlikely image on one of her small gift canvases. Little could she have imagined the event she depicts is actually taking place even as paints, nor that the element she’s guided to add to the image might be the very thing that saves a life. Is she painting on her own? Or might an angel be guiding her hand? What will become of the painting? Will the person apparently rescued by it ever know about his benefactor? Even if he sees it, will he believe what he sees?